STYLE| Chris Winfield + Jennifer Gottlieb: Unfair Advantage Live

Working with Annebet goes so much deeper than just picking out beautiful clothes! She has helped me discover who I really am and has shown me how to represent that with my very own unique personal style. I used to hate shopping because I felt lost when it came to choosing pieces that felt like "me". With Annebet's help I now have clear style direction. I now know what looks good on my body and most importantly- what FEELS good! Annebet has given me a whole new way of expressing myself that is super fun and easy! She always stretches me past my comfort zone just enough to help me find things that I never even knew I would love. I can honestly say that Annebet has completely upleveled my life and if you are lucky enough to work with her, I can guarantee you say the same! 


“Annebet is a style visionary! She helped me pull together outfits for a personal branding shoot that got everyone saying "wow!" If you want someone to take your personal style to the next level, I cannot recommend Annebet highly enough!”

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