How to make your investment pieces last forever | GOOP

#TRUEfact If you own something from one of the following categories then read this article from GOOP. It could save you money to buy more things. Leading you in a vicious circle of needing to read this article again.

  1. I stood in line for hours not knowing if I would even walk away with it.

  2. I missed out on seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z to stash the $500 ticket price into my shopping fund.

  3. I was on the waiting list for 3 years before I got “The Call”

  4. Rent became a secondary priority.

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Article Via Goop | Photo Tommy Ton

Scuff marks on your new suede boots. Pilling on your prettiest cashmere sweater. Fading at the creases of your bag. While hardly the worst things in the world, these small annoyances may be the worst things in your closet—and are only made more annoying the more you spent. So how do you squeeze the most mileage out of the things you’re throwing down for this fall? We asked the experts. READ ON HERE