About True.State

TRUE.STATE was founded out of a moment of clarity. 

As a working stylist, I wanted to create a space to translate what I see on a daily basis in the fashion industry and present it to my clients and followers in terms that relate to their busy lives. 

 Although simple, yet frequently an afterthought to many, what you put on your body and how you present yourself to the world profoundly matters.  Clothing can get you hired, fired, a second date, photographed, front row and most certainly influence acquaintances. When I recognized that smart, accomplished men and women were unsure how to dress for an evening work event, a friend’s milestone birthday, a guest spot on a morning show, or a cocktail party for the CEO, I immediately saw an opening and TRUE.STATE was born.  

 Personal style is an important part of the equation when realizing your true self.  I have seen first hand the effects a tailored jacket, a new shoe, the right bag has on a person’s attitude and presence in daily life. Navigating the fashion terrain is a full-time job and at T.S, I focus on wearable trends and day-to-day dressing for effortless style.

 My clients consistently ask me three main questions:

What to wear in a particular situation?

How to wear something?

Where to find it? 

I try to answer these questions through

#truefact | #truestyle | #truelove | #truestatement | #truestory


#truefact: Short and sweet digestible facts you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

#truestyle: Inspiring people I have had the pleasure of styling. Here I will give you who, what and why these people were being photographed as well as insider tips and tricks from the set. 

#truelove: Shop my top picks of the season and useful products that will help make your style effortless. 

#truestatement: Words to live by. the latest info on TRUE . STATE happenings. 

#truestory: Personal true stories about my life and career in the NY fashion industry. 


The Goal of T.S is to provide a useful service and relevant content that relates to your life.  Making you the best version of yourself, your TRUE.STATE


T.S Founder | Annebet Duvall

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